The Band:

Project Ghost Writer formed back in December 2014.

The new line up launched LIVE in April 2018.

Along with the release of 'State Of A Heart' the first of our newly recorded tracks, again ploughing into unknown territory, exploring different aspects of our sound.

Our first full length self recorded and produced album, 'Shades Of Humanity' was released in May 2017. This takes a heavier and more complex direction, without losing the melodic side of our sound that formed the basis of our first release the 'Reality... E.P.'

Our music is influenced by a number of genres including Rock, Alternative, Metal and Pop.

We hope you continue to enjoy our music. 

Thanks for looking in... 


Kimberley: Vocals
Colm: Vocals
Terri: EWI, Violin, Vocals
Jamie: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Steve: Drums
Joe: Bass Guitar